Vision & Priorities

Decentralized DeFi Ecosystem

Our vision is to provide the best user experience within the token lifecycle across popular blockchains

  1. 1
    Completely Decentralized

    Each product we build will have no human interventions: Truly Automated DAO

  2. 2
    Heavily Simplified & Automated

    It's not only about how it looks but how it feels.

    We take great pride in building simple apps that anyone can use!

  3. 3
    Helping DeFi Mature

    Our primary objective is to bring maturity, legitimacy and trust within the token ecosystem across multiple blockchains.

Products & Features

Developing from scratch, through first principles; no clones or forks.
Build first, Market later approach.


  • 2% to stake, 8% to unstake
  • Half is burned & Half is distributed to stakers
  • Receive allocation of airdrop from DxLaunch project token sales
  • Receive share of revenue from every Dx Product launched

Launch Beta App


  • Create token sales easily and be listed instantly on the platform.
  • Governed through $SALE to receive continued funding or refund remaining funds back to investors based on performance.
  • Tokens & part of revenue provided to stakers on the DxStake platform.
  • Tools for angel investors to make correct decisions when investing in a project.

DxLaunch App!


  • Instant Locking of DxLaunch sales through DAO
  • External Token Locking services with incentives.
  • Additional custom features will be unveiled as we Launch alpha ropsten

Estimated: Q1 2021


  • Instant Liquidity provided to DxSwap as an option for users after sale closure
  • DxSwap will utilize Uniswap like functionality to provide seamless transition to market
  • Additional custom features will be unveiled as we Launch alpha ropsten

Estimated: Q3 2021


  • Additional custom features will be unveiled in the updated roadmap

Estimated: Q4 2021